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dc coalition for improving literacy outcomes

The DC Coalition for Improving Literacy Outcomes is a dynamic and diverse alliance of passionate members committed to enhancing early literacy throughout the District of Columbia. Our mission is to examine barriers and unpack solutions to ensure that every resident, from birth through age 8, has the early literacy skills to achieve success in both education and life. Through community engagement and awareness campaigns, as well as strategic political advocacy, we are dedicated to building a more literate and equitable DC community for our youngest learners.


Our mission is to unite a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including educators, community leaders, parents, policymakers, and advocates, to collaboratively address the barriers hindering early literacy improvement in the District of Columbia. By fostering a sense of shared responsibility, we aim to ensure that every young child and their family have the early literacy skills and support to thrive in both education and life.


We envision a future where every individual in the District of Columbia, from birth through age 8, regardless of their background, has access to quality early literacy resources, education, and support. Through community engagement, awareness campaigns, and political advocacy, we seek to create a thriving, literate community that empowers its youngest members and promotes a culture of lifelong learning.


Our theory of change is rooted in the belief that by working collectively, we can drive systemic change to improve early literacy outcomes across DC. By engaging our community, raising awareness, and advocating for sound policies, we aim to dismantle barriers and address the root causes of early literacy disparities


Community Engagement and Awareness: We will foster a culture of early literacy by engaging with local families, parents, caregivers, educators, and community leaders. This includes organizing events, workshops, and awareness campaigns that highlight the importance of early literacy and its connection to lifelong success.

Collaborative Coalition Building: We will bring together a diverse array of stakeholders who share our commitment to early literacy improvement. By forming a united front, we will maximize our collective impact and share resources, knowledge, and strategies.

Political Advocacy: We will work closely with policymakers to drive necessary changes in support of our mission. We will advocate for policy changes that promote early literacy initiatives, increase funding for early literacy programs, and reduce educational disparities for our youngest learners.

Data-Driven Approach: We will leverage data and research to measure the effectiveness of our advocacy efforts and community engagement programs. This data will guide our actions and help us adapt our strategies for maximum impact.

Sustainability and Expansion: We are committed to securing sustainable funding, expanding our network of partners, and extending the reach of our campaigns and advocacy efforts to ensure long-term success in improving early literacy outcomes across the District of Columbia.

Join the movement; be part of examing barriers and unpacking solutions!

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